How to Play?

1. Select one of the following topics to debate about.

   2. Sign up for an intense debate account. This    takes literally 1 minuet. If you don't have one then you can't debate.

  3. Once You are signed in on the comment form, then your ready to debate. Get into a debate with another person, and let people vote on your comments to win some cash!

 4. Vote on other peoples debates if you think they are good. Have Fun!


1. DO NOT give points to yourself! This will result in a IP Ban. No warnings will be given.  

2. Use only one IP address, we will see where your comments and points are coming from. Do not abuse the points system or you will be banned from this site!

3. Please restrain from cussing. I know that people will get competitive and it happens but i would prefer if language wasn't an issue. Warnings will be given.

4. NO SPAMMING, this will not be tollerated. This will result in an automatic Ban!


Q: How do I know this site isn't a scam?

A: Well first of all, it's for free, your not paying even a dime. We make our money strictly off our ads and donations. Don't believe us, look at Centsports. This is the same concept.

Q: How do I get my Money?

A: All cash prizes are paid out through PayPal, and only PayPal at the moment. We will be coming out with more payout options soon. If you do not want your money through PayPal, then tell us that when we email you that you have won. We will then hold your money until we decide how were going to get it to you.

Q: How many times can i comment to debate on an issue?

A: As many times as you would like. :)

Q: Can I come up with a issue to debate on?

A: Yes you can, simply just "contact me" giving your ideas. This does not mean I am 100% sure i will use it, but we're open to anything.


Get a bonus dollar when you cash out for advertising this site!

Just copy the code below and paste it into your site.

Simply use the "Contact Me" , and tell us it's up and we will check it within 24 hours and send an email back confirming your $1.00

We will record your extra $1.00 in our system, keep the email just in case.

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