Since this site is brand new, were looking for some help. These are the open positions at the moment.


This position is the most important and will be looked over very carefully by Zach. Advertising takes time and effort to be effective. You will have to have some prior knowledge in advertising. I'm open to anyone that wants this job. An Advertiser will simply make a blog or site advertising Debate It. You will make banners and and ads for this site. You will Join forums, and directories. You will be expected to email me on the contact page every night leaving me your productivity for the day.

New Ideas Manager:

We are hoping for this site to sky rocket in a year or so. Knowing that, we will need to hear some new ideas. This is where you come in. This position is not as tough as an advertiser but will require some deep thought. What you will do is simply look around for new ideas. You can do this by viewing other sites and see what they have that we don't. You will have to email me on the contact form every end of the week. I will be expecting a full report of ideas.

News Researcher:

This job will be exciting for a lot of you. This position will require you to look around online to find new debating topics and issues. You can watch the news everyday and get information from that, or just surf the web. It's a simple job to do. I will be expecting a report everyday with at least one new news topic.

Now you thought , "hey this should pay decent money", but I'm sorry. This isn't a top corporation where you will be payed millions a year. If your looking for something like that you probably shouldn't be on this site. Anyway, for the start of your job, you will get bonus money towards the points you earn on this site. So i will be expecting you to debate with other people as well. Now this is only temporary, for we are low on funds. But as this site grows which might take months, we will begin to pay you per week. So for now bonus dollars will be added to your points when you cash out at $5.00. Thank you for your hard work!

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